Labyrinth Gallery: A call to video artists


Misanthropy gallery founders, Neal Nolan, Eben Bender and Celia King will be hosting a series of 3hree exhibits throughout Vancouver (BC) this summer. Embracing the challenge of a variety of maladroit locations by manipulating an astute curatorial agenda; applying consideration into the medium of work, process and technical application of each exhibit in order to effectively maintain a cohesive aesthetic in conjunctive regards to each location and it challenges.

The first of the series to be located as the founding exhibit at Labyrinth Gallery where we will be hosting a video installation fundraiser presented by Misanthropy Gallery for the
ACME studio building on:
*Friday, July 30th**, 2011*

Call for open themed video submissions:

*Labyrinth Gallery* will be hosting a video installation fundraiser
presented by *Misanthropy Gallery* for the
*ACME studio building on*:
*Friday, July 30th**, 2011*
and is looking for open themed video submissions.

As we build towards founding the alley entrance gallery (Labyrinth Gallery)
in coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the west side Hastings
alley between Columbia and Main street at 112 W.Hastings (ACME Studio
building), we will be running a series of fundraiser art exhibits creatively
utilizing the building’s rear foyer, stairwell heading downstairs, main
floor foyer and assenting to the top floor.

The environment supports wide stairwells and landings among a series of
large feature walls within the building’s interior behind The Gam Gallery
(located at the front of the building.)

The entire environment will be darkened with no supporting lights other than
the films exhibited and a series of flashlights distributed at entrance.
Selected videos will be run silently as the feature installation utilizing a
collaboration musical performance running for the full period of the
evening. Musicians will be obscured from view in an isolated area with a
live projection feed as one of the installations submitted by one of the

Musical performers:

*Interior Design:*<…>


Confirmed artists thus far:
– Darren Read

*-Alison Lilly*<>

Alexander Bell

Brian Gotro

Fredrick Cummings


-Neal Nolan and Eben Bender’s video chronicling the development of this
of work:<…>

This is a simple call not requiring a CV or portfolio of previous work.

Links to the proposed video may be sent to:

or contact via email to set up a time for drop off at:
*Studio #230
ACME Studio Building
112 E. Hastings*
Submission deadline:
*Thursday, June 30th – 5pm*

-There is no submission fee
-No artist’s fee for printed promotional material
-Submissions can be of any length and theme.
-Must be on a fully functional DVD disk capable of looping.

The mandate of the Labyrinth Gallery is to support a variety of creative
media to both artists and curators resident to the ACME Studio Building and
local to Vancouver.
The gallery hosts a panel of directors accepting open curatorial submissions
starting August 1st, 2011.


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