Beautiful ACME T-Shirts


ACME T-shirts Labyrinth Artist Society Fundraiser

New Labyrinth Artist Society Fundraiser modeled by our very own Francis Tiffany, portrait painter extraordinaire .

As part of our ongoing fundraising efforts to support the artists at ACME artist studios and to fund the creation of the Labyrinth Art Gallery, we have produced these stylish t-shirts. Available for the reasonable sum of $10 from Duncan, any of the Labyrinth Artist Society directors in person or at our next opening/fundraser l’esprit d’escalier on July 30th.

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One Response to Beautiful ACME T-Shirts

  1. Francis Tiffany says:

    Remember they are a limited print-run… so get them soon.

    They are expected to sell out very, very quickly… and Dallas isn’t printing any more of this design.